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What we do ... ?

We are small company specialized in recordings on location for film and broadcast, but we also provide audio service for :

  • Small film and video (audio-)postproductions
  • Audio-postproduction for commercials
  • Music projects
  • Multi-track recording
  • Mixing and (pre-)mastering
  • Live sound / PA mixing
  • Technical assistance on any kind of AV event

Whatever has been recorded can be edit, mixed and mastered by ourselves for a fast and all-in-one solution. 

For any kind of questions feel free to contact us.


What's  New

Ok, It's along time since I updated this page ;-) :

  • PM670 ( DIY Fairchild )
  • Eventide SP2016
  • Lexicon 224 XL
  • Tab V376 preamp pair
  • Neumann V476 preamp pair
  • Upgraded to HD4 Accel
  • Soundtracs Solo Logic 32x8x2
  • Adat Bridge 24 added for extra i/o's
  • DIY Stereo Solid State Pultec EQP-1a3

Coming soon ( or maybe later )

  • Archive with manuals



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